Why my approach is different

Why settle for competence, when you can go for excellence?

I believe there is talent and genius in each of us – unique and different for each individual. I believe in a cooperative effort to help each of us identify this genius, and to nurture and support it in order to achieve its full expression.

Imagine every employee in your organization working at their highest potential. The thought of that excites me for it means that there is excellence abound; that those employees are feeling fulfilled, acknowledged, and appreciated; that there is improved communications and productivity; that all stakeholders are sharing in this productivity; and that the organization as a whole is being the best it can be.

My approach to achieving such excellence is not limited to one method or technique. I use a wide range of tools depending on your needs: business strategy, experiential workshops, mindfulness practices, uncovering hidden issues, or even street-smart techniques.

Based on your goals and requests, I will design a custom program to address your needs. It is my goal to help you reach your highest level of performance and success – the best you can be.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bill for a few years and he has been instrumental in my growth as an engineering leader and an individual. Bill has the unique ability to focus on individual development to enhance corporate leadership and execution. He has helped me discern the right priorities, both in and out of the office, encouraging my development, output, and execution in all facets of life. Bill understands the challenges of corporate leadership and the importance centering oneself to find success. I can’t overstate how impactful working with Bill has been.

Eric Pellish VP, Renegade Insurance
Eric Pellish

Bill Prinzivalli’s improv session helps any organization hone their communications skills which are essential when interacting with colleagues, prospects, and clients. We are all in a relationship business – that’s how work gets done. Sign your company up for Bill’s program and watch barriers come down creating greater understanding between individuals.

Jonathan Rosen Founder and CEO of Collaberex
Jonathan Rosen

Bill Prinzivalli’s Improv workshop taught me a lot about how I listen to people, but more importantly, how people perceive me during a business conversation. Going in without knowing what to expect, I came out of Bill’s session with a new awareness on how to engage with people by not just hearing the words that were spoken, but understanding the emotions behind what they were saying.  A great exercise that will benefit me for years to come. 

Jon Horovitz Founder and Lead Consultant, Atrium Unlimited Consulting
Jon Horovitz

Bill’s improv workshop helped me to listen with empathy. It’s so easy to be thinking about my own contribution to the conversation instead of listening for both verbal and tonal clues to really understand what the other person is trying to say. The improv trains you to listen for clues in tone and body language to truly understand what people are saying. This is an important skill for me and Bill designed exercises that made learning it easy and fun.

David J. Haas CFP® Owner, Cereus Financial Advisors
David J. Haas CFP®

Bill Prinzivalli’s Improv workshop taught me how to be a better listener and “co-pilot” to whomever I’m working with. I also feel I learned a new way to be more intentional and authentic in my daily conversations. Learning how to identify the “be honest with yourself about your real emotions” piece was a great skill learned that I’m grateful to have taken away from the workshop. I fully believe this will be able to help me show up more authentically and deal with difficult situations, conversations, and clients much better in my business. 

Alexandra Reilly CEO, LadyBoss Global Media, LLC
Alexandra Reilly

Bill, through his improvisation approach, helped me to be a much better listener and to make better connections with the people I meet. Bill has really helped me in my networking efforts.

Frank P.  Turner Founder and Managing Partner, Interpeak Consulting, LLC
Frank P.  Turner

In just one meeting, Bill has helped me transform my presentation into a concise and razor-sharp message that resonates with my clients. Bill’s energy and focus on what matters the most are extremely astute when dealing with uncertainties that come with scaling the business.

Dmitry Trofimets co-founder of
Dmitry Trofimets

Confidently handle your business challenges


Deal with Uncertainty

Learn to adapt and respond quickly to business uncertainty


Become Agile

Create a flatter hierarchy, more efficient communications, and greater flexibility


Develop authenticity

Be more meaningful, purposeful, and authentic for the benefit of all stakeholders – employees, customers, vendors, etc.


Embrace competition

Respect your competition – they push you to be better. Embrace co-opetition.

Power up performance for the whole team


Greater productivity for your team

Greater creativity for all employees resulting in greater productivity


Less employee turnover

More fulfilled employees resulting in less turnover, fewer interdepartmental issues, greater loyalty

Better vendor relationships

Better vendor relationships resulting in smoother interactions and greater efficiency

Satisfied customers

More satisfied customers yielding greater loyalty, repeat business, and more frequent references

Let’s work together

How you can work with Bill

1-on-1 executive coaching & consulting

Individual coaching / consulting sessions to work on the deeper issues that are preventing you from the success you want. Can include business strategy, personal issues, communication challenges, etc.

Improvisational workshops

Improv workshops are much more than just fun team building. Each workshop is designed around your company’s specific issues. In 2-3 hours your team will have a visceral experience of how to handle those challenges in real workplace situations – much more than a mental understanding.

Interview preparation sessions

Improve your communication skills. Learn how to better manage challenging and unpredictable situations. Master the art of deep listening and connection. Confidently manage awkward pauses, know when to speak up and when to stay silent. These sessions can be used to prepare you for business negotiations, job or college interviews.