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Barbara Tint
Barbara Tint, Phd
Global: Facilitator • Professor • Trainer • Psychologist • Improviser • Storyteller • Consultant • Mediator

Improvisational Leaders will provide both theoretical and practical tools

We can never have too many books that combine the practices of leadership, mindfulness, and improvisation. Improvisational Leaders will provide both theoretical and practical tools to integrate these dimensions for more successful relationships and productivity. We are all improvisers. Now we get to learn how to be more conscious ones. Share these practices with your friends and colleagues. Our worlds will be better for it.

Vincenzo Falone
Vincenzo Falone
Certified Co-Leader Mankind Project

Clear and practical path towards leadership

Improvisational Leaders provides the reader with a clear and practical path towards leadership that transcends the limiting patriarchal model of growth and profit at any cost, to benevolent leadership where a holistic perspective is embraced. This book will challenge the leaders of the future to embrace the interconnectedness of all things and all people on the planet. Improvisational Leaders will impact many leaders and potentially a new generation of conscious leadership where all people and the planet are valued.

Jonathan Rosen
Jonathan Rosen
Founder and CEO of Collaberex

Improvisational Leaders lays out a groundbreaking work that finally puts all the pieces together and provides a roadmap for more effective business leadership and self-awareness. Read this book with an open mind, let your right brain in for a more complete understanding, and add improv training to the mix to foster optimal team cooperation, effectiveness, creativity, and innovation.

Izzy Gesell
Izzy Gesell, M.ED, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)
Organization Alchemist, Humorologist, Facilitator, Keynoter, Author Playing Along (1997)

Improvisational Leaders is at the forefront of an emerging leadership philosophy that incorporates aspects of spirituality, Applied Improv, mindfulness, and values exploration. The result of Bill’s years of self-exploration, business experience, and natural curiosity, Improvisational Leaders is an enjoyable and useful handbook for leading within the “New Normal.”

Larry LeShan
Larry LeShan – Researcher, Psychologist, Author
How to Meditate: A Guide to Self-Discovery (1974)

In this innovative approach, Improvisational Leaders contains important principles and ideas about respecting, exploring, and expressing the uniqueness of the individual. Including a comprehensive compilation of meditation styles, these concepts are profoundly aligned with my work in helping people heal by becoming more uniquely themselves. I support and recommend this book.

Dr. Kenneth Harris
Dr. Kenneth Harris
Founder of the Waldwick Wellness Center, Director of the Mind-Body Education Center, Author Synchronicity (2019)

Improvisational Leaders is a well-written and easy to understand book that discusses the relationship dynamic between management and their employees, including the meaning of success. For example, the days of telling employees that the financial bottom line is all that matters, and that the end justifies the means mentality, are old paradigms that are no longer effective.

This is a must read for any CEO or top level manager who wants to inspire and motivate their work force by implementing innovative techniques, ranging from meditation and mindfulness to improvisational practices. These techniques will uplift and elevate their awareness and importance of integrity in both their professional and personal life alike.

Bill draws upon his many years of direct experience as both a business consultant and owner of his own companies. As a former director of a multi-disciplined Mind-Body Wellness Educational center, I found this book highly informative, practical, and valuable.

Robert Jokel
Robert Jokel
Producer and Director of the documentary film: “Immune to Cancer, Bring the Full Strength of Your Immune System to the Aid of Your Medical Program”

Read Improvisational Leaders:

  • If you want to discover how to have FUN learning what DEEP LISTENING is about and its profound positive effects both in the business world and personally. (I taught listening skills for many years to health professionals and I wish I had had this book!)
  • If you want to define what SUCCESS is for you as a unique one of a kind individual – and the personal power and freedom this brings.
  • If you want to create greater connection with your emotions and thus greater connection with others.
  • If you want to develop strategies to better manage uncertainty which again allows us more freedom to take risks and to live truer to ourselves and with more passion!

Bill writes with amazing clarity and makes a great case for the integration of spiritual principles (such as being kind, respectful, and in integrity) with business and how this benefits us all. Bill puts the SOUL back in business!

It is my hope that this book becomes a landmark text for all those studying business.

Peggy Neligan, Ph.D
Peggy Neligan, Ph.D
President of the Metaphysical Center of New Jersey

The key to the success of Improvisational Leaders is that the authors provide practical, concrete techniques to prosper in business as well as in life. The tools described in meditation, mindfulness practices, and psychological modalities give readers a wide range of activities to choose from as they explore all parts of the book. The skillful combination of personal stories with a wealth of research and references helps the reader to achieve an integrated state of conscious wholeness in the workplace and in everyday life.

Bill’s understanding of the metaphysical principle of polarity marries the dualities so that, rather than choosing an either/or approach, he shows how a more conscious person will operate from a both/and perspective bringing about the alignment of oneness.

Chris Griggs
Chris Griggs
Former ad executive; now standup comedian, actor, and improviser. Faculty member teaching improvisation at The People’s Improv Theater and AMDA Conservatory (NYC),

Bill is a very passionate about how improv can help all of us be better in business and in life. Improvisational Leaders is a great deep dive into how the art form can help you be your highest self, particularly in Chapter 9 where he emphasizes key improv principles and values, and then shows the direct relationship to one’s place of work. The exercises are also very pragmatic, easy to follow, and helpful to build your overall improv proficiency. It’s a great combination of best business practices academically with an understanding of the human spirit as well.

Dee Weldon
Dee Weldon, Author
This Is All There Is (2021), I SENSE: This is all there is… (2021), Where There is Love, There is No Gender: Understanding Love, Sex, & Relationships (2020), From Both Sides of the Fence: The Gifts in U (2019), Soul Disclosure: 100% Access (2019), The Map of the Universe: A Traveler’s Guide (2019), Connecting to Life’s Compass: You’re not lost – you just think you are (2019)

Improvisational Leaders is engaging and enlightening – a must read for everyone. The tools in this book guide you into self-mastery in all areas of your life, so you live life in confidence and not fear. Although detailed and very exploratory, it’s easy to read and so well explained that it leaves me with no questions which is rare in a book.

A conscious encyclopedia for all social gatherings, events, and businesses, Improvisational Leaders is a total A to Z of self-management to be the best we can be without judgement – a treasure chest of guidance that will benefit every reader personally, ethically, and in business. This book is a 💎

Examples of everyday tasks and real people’s experiences make this book relatable to everyone not just businesspeople, and the lead author’s experiences on his journey adds the depth of genuine understanding vs. only a mental familiarity.

I now understand that improv is not living to an agenda but trusting yourself to live a quality life that is not one way, but multifaceted with infinite choices. It’s trusting that you have enough experience to adapt to all situations.

Al Cini
Al Cini
Managing Partner – Brand and Culture Alignment Toolkit®

In our cold logic, dollars-and-sense, “show-me-the-money” world, Improvisational Leaders illuminates the potential of spontaneity and intuition in effective business leadership. This fresh outlook and insightful writing encourage us all to “look inside” and find the human magic that, when integrated with objective evidence, can help us make better decisions, build stronger relationships, grow, and succeed. I strongly recommend Improvisational Leaders.

Marina & Joseph Maurino
Marina & Joseph Maurino
Psychotherapists for Individuals and Couples

In Improvisational Leaders, Bill Prinzivalli uses a lifetime of entrepreneurship, personal and professional experiences, and a good intuitive sense to propose a new, exciting, and fun way to approach challenges in the business world. With well-articulated reasoning and skillfully designed exercises, Prinzivalli demonstrates the importance of moving from fear to truthfulness in the workplace.

It is a refreshing approach to a time-worn system based on constriction and the bottom line. He presents a compelling scenario of a management down vision of an open and expansive work environment that benefits all. Prinzivalli clearly explains how valuing openness and authenticity leads to more creative thinking, a happier environment, and overall success.

Gerd Winkler
Gerd Winkler
Director of Global Autism Solutions,

It was 2015 when Bill invited me to an improv class in New York City. By then I had a successful career in the field of Autism and to my astonishment, many of the improv classes encouraged me to look deeper, and be more authentic and connected to my co-actors.

Daring to be more spontaneous, listening more, and bringing out the full potential of each individual child, improv helped me improve my skill with the children. Improvisational Leaders is a constant reminder for me to strive for closer connections, deeper understanding, and loving honesty towards self and fellow human beings.

Bill has become a powerful leader in masterfully weaving improv into the fabric of personal relationships, business, and general engagement in life. Improvisational Leaders brings together the body, mind, and soul in a delightful, joyous way that only a man with intimate experience can write.

Christopher Salem
Christopher Salem
CEO - Business Executive Coach - Award-Winning Author, Master Your Inner Critic (2016); Mastering the Art of Success (2017);

This book (Improvisational Leaders) around business leadership is so refreshing to read in today’s work environment. A combination of mindfulness and improvisation will build a stronger team environment that leads to extraordinary results. A must-read for any business leader.

Harriet Wagniere
Harriet Wagniere, B.S, M.A.
Director Emeritus of the Metaphysical Center of New Jersey

Brilliantly insightful, nuanced, and transformational, Improvisational Leaders is a breakthrough in creativity resulting in a new and enlightened business model for the future—and the future is now. Using the paradigm of the latest neuroscientific knowledge of the brain, Prinzivalli has skillfully married both right (intuition) and left (rational) brain function through the bridge (corpus colosseum) between them by ingeniously devising a practical connection with techniques and exercises from mindfulness and improvisation— integrating a whole brain approach. This vision is not only novel and dynamic, but also concrete, practical, and surprisingly fun. It is a system destined to become a textbook for a new and inspired, successful business pattern of operation.

Rita Gendelman
Rita Gendelman
Integrative Occupational Therapist specializing with children on the Autism Spectrum

Improvisational Leaders is one of the biggest contributions I believe Bill can make in the world of business, because he himself has been a businessman who took a risk and shared himself so deeply with the support of the improv community. He is by far one of the most qualified businessmen to speak on the subject of improv and business. Bill’s experience allows him to speak about these seemingly unrelated subjects from a place of deep knowing because he has experienced it in his own skin. This book is truly a labor of love that gives voice to a myriad of tools for any businessperson who desires to make a deeper contribution to humanity.

Raji Thron
Raji Thron
Founder, Co-director Yoga Synthesis

Improvisational Leaders makes a compelling case for the value of practicing various mindfulness modalities, including meditation and yoga, to bring creativity into an unpredictable modern business environment. The authors point the reader towards a paradigm that goes beyond conventional business models.

Go from competence to excellence

Read Improvisational Leaders to learn how to access your Inner Olympian